Lilly & Sparkle is a revolutionary Accessories brand, offering trendy fashion jewellery and accessories to women in India. We offer a range of fashion accessories for various occasions like engagement, cocktail and evening parties Our Style Team is committed to provide you with the best of customer service.

Lilly & Sparkle is a brain child of Radium creation management team.
All the years of designing and manufacturing fashion accessories for different brands all over the world definitely made us all feel why we can’t have our own global brand.
People in India have a huge fascination of foreign brands but many time they forget that if you turn the product over - you will find a sticker that says “Made in India.”

Thus Lilly and sparkle is a brand that is made in India which represents the hard work of every Indian over the last decades and also symbolic to the fact that Indian can have their own fashion brand which is young, fresh, and affordable.

Yes we have taken raw materials etc. from china but all assembly, designing is done in India, In a most sustainable and environmentally friendly way Lilly & Sparkle gives most importance to quality be it crystal, resin, metal, stone or bead jewellery. We use the best raw materials, our manufacturing and plating is done keeping in mind the health and safety of our employees, customers and the environment. Our products are with compliance and lead, cadmium free which is rarely found

Our products also go through different physical tests compliance and then only shipped to the customer to minimise returns and to generate the best customer experience.

The entire experience while you shop at Lilly and Sparkle is seamless. Be it deciding a name for your customised jewellery Also browsing through a certain jewellery category is made easy with occasion and price and colour filters which help you in buying.